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Sorting: MoFlo

The BC MoFlo Astrios cell sorter is equipped with five lasers having 22 parameter excitation: 355nm (UV); 405nm (Violet); 488nm (Blue); 561nm (Yellow); 633nm (Red).

Up to 17 colors can be excited; configuration limitations exist.

The MoFlo Astrios uses IsoFlow as sheath buffer.

Samples can be maintained at 5°–42° C during sort (upon request; advance notice required).

MoFlo Astrios is contained in a SteriGARD tissue culture hood, suitable for BSL 1- and 2-level work.

Samples may be received in 1.7ml microcentrifuge tubes, 12x75mm (5mL) tubes, or 15mL falcon-style tubes or 50mL conical tubes.

Sorting Nozzle Sizes: 70um; 100um; 150um; 200um

Sample Collection: 1- to 6-way for tubes (tube format limiting); 1 way to slides or dishes; 1 way for 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates

Software: Summit 6.2.2 on Window 7 platform. Networking is currently disabled.

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