University of Southern California

Flowjo Site License

With a FlowJo site license, registered computers may access all current FlowJo versions for PC, Mac or the new dual platform.

How do I register for the USC FlowJ0 site license?

The site license requires an annual payment as a recharge to those principal investigators (PIs) who have authorized the registration of their computers to the site license. Laboratory staff may not register their computers without the prior approval from the PI.

Visit to learn how to find your computer’s hardware address. Send the hardware address, a familiar name for that computer and PI approval to Jeff Boyd at to register for the FlowJo site license. Or faculty may register directly at

Please note: Only or email addresses can be used for registration purposes; other email addresses will not be accepted.

The USC Flow Cytometry Core staff will send the site license serial number directly to the principal investigator. Their lab personnel will change the serial number in their version of FlowJo to the site license.

How does the site license work?

Investigators will authorize which computers (hardware addresses) will have access to FlowJo site license, understanding that they will be recharged for the number of hardware addresses registered to use the license.

Users will register their computer(s) using the online form.

The USC Flow Cytometry Core staff will serve as administrator to the site license.

The core will recharge participating investigators once a year for the their laboratory’s registered computers at lowest price possible.

The pricing may vary from year to year and is subject to the number of computers running the site license per quarter. More participation will return cheaper rental pricing for all investigators. For current pricing, visit

Any USC investigator willing to trade in their dongle will receive a $1,000 credit towards their annual recharge until value is exhausted.