The Flow Cytometry Facility provides the research community with state-of-the-art technology to selectively phenotype and isolate specific populations of cells. Using fluorescent probes and transgenic proteins, researchers monitor several aspects of their cell populations, including phenotype, cell viability, proliferation, cell cycle and cell activation. Additionally, cell purification by electrostatic cell sorting enables cutting-edge research on low frequency cells. This essential resource aides investigators performing research in cancer, cancer-related areas, stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. With the increasing number of assays being developed that utilize flow cytometry, this resource supports a diverse group of investigators at USC and in the Los Angeles region.

The facility has been used to address questions in adult and embryonic stem cell research, regenerative medicine, cellular immunology, cell biology, chemical carcinogenesis, radiology, human tumor cell cycle kinetics, mechanisms of drug action, and differences between patient samples and normal donors.

The facility houses a suite of digital high-speed multiparameter flow cytometers, and facility staff boast 50 years combined experience in this evolving field.

The Services Provided Include: High Speed Cell Sorting, Data Acquisition and Analysis, Operator Training, Experimental Design and Troubleshooting, and FlowJo Site License