University of Southern California

What is included on your user checklist?

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  • Complete our online user profile.
  • Register with USC TARA CORES.
  • Download and complete the Annual Biosafety Questionnaire.
  • Read the usage policy.
  • Non-BCC staff/visitors: Print and fill out the Broad CIRM Center (BCC) building access form and return it via intercampus mail to “Ryan Maier, Events and Facilities Coordinator, Broad CIRM Center (BCC) 200B, MC 9080.” Upon receipt, activation will take 24 to 48 hours. (Additional security forms may be required if you also require the USCard.)
  • Visit the core, meet the staff and discuss your project with the core director. To set up a meeting time, contact Jeff Boyd at
  • Receive training and obtain access authorization.
  • Schedule your appointments.
  • We appreciate being kept in the loop regarding experiment modifications. Please post sort recovery and your publications involving flow data, and email Jeff Boyd at with those updates.